26 Mar 2009

Paid to Blog at Today.com

Today.com provides tools for both new and experienced bloggers. For those new to blogging, we offer free blog hosting. We invite you to create a blog right now. For those with an established blog looking to generate more traffic, we offer free submission to our blog directory.

Today.com also claims to pay its bloggers but, without logging in, I can't find any indication of how much. Also note that applications only accepted from certain countries.

1 comment:

  1. Strange, I just posted this yesterday as had bookmarked the site, only to discover that Today.com have advertised on Problogger today. Means they obviously need more writers.

    Today.com, one of the fastest growing blog communities on the web, is looking for new bloggers of any skill level. Whether you're a novice blogger, or have been at it for a while, this job is for you. You get paid per impression (we pay the highest CPM in the industry) for writing about any topic that interests you!

    We also just recently added a "products" feature that allows you to sell products that you write about and gain a commission when you do so! This is yet another great way to earn full-time money while doing part-time work. In addition to this, we also run a program where you can make money by selling your available ad space. And don't forget, if you refer someone else to Today.com, you will get a bonus for this as well!


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