4 Mar 2009

Articles Wanted on Cheating, Affairs and Relationship Problems

Title:Articles about Cheating, Affairs, Relationship Problems
Description:Looking for articles about cheating and affairs (signs of
cheating, reasons men cheat, reasons women cheat, catching a cheater, cell
phone monitoring, from the point of view of a mistress, etc.), signs of
attraction (is a man/woman attracted, etc.) and relationship problems
(mending a broken heart, preventing a partner from cheating, improving
relationships, getting a guy/girl, etc.).

Preference is for edgy advice and opinions. I also prefer the option to
buy full or unique rights to the articles. The $10-20 price range is for
standard rights; would pay $20-30 for full rights.
Amount of articles:10
Price per article:$10-20
Length of article:600+

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