5 Oct 2008

Make Money Writing and Social Bookmarking at Xomba

Xomba is a very interesting mixture of articles and social bookmarks. Like some article directories, you can submit articles and receive a share of the advertising revenue. these are known as Xombytes in the Xomba lexicon. But unlike any other article directory I have seen, Xomba also allows you to create quick bookmarks to other sites you like or wish to promote. These Xomblurbs just require a quick summary of the content and a link. You can also add comments to both articles and bookmarks, as well as vote on your favourites.

One of the joys of Xomba is that you could be earning money on articles you haven't even written yet!

In the course of researching an article, we often come across interesting information or websites that we bookmark and note down for future articles. On Xomba, you can create a quick Xomblurb in a minute and earn some income before going back and writing your full article, which you can then submit as a Xombyte.

Income is shared 50-50 between you and the website owners. You will need your own AdSense account and the Xomba script rotates the adverts so that yours will be shown half the time, and if somebody clicks one of the adverts the income is yours. This means your income is part of your total AdSense account rather than waiting for the website owners to send payment. By creating a custom channel you can even check that your adverts are actually appearing at around half the number of page views.

Even better, Xomba also has a referral system with which you can also earn 10% of the income of your affiliates forever. I think the creators of Xomba have latched onto an important model. There are many members who use it on a daily basis, thereby creating instant readership. As I said at the top, it combines income from article writing with a social networking and bookmarking environment.

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