5 Oct 2008

On Writing Online

This website is dedicated to writers and would-be writers setting out to earn some money from writing online. If content is king then writers are the king-makers. No website can succeed without a strong content and dedicated visitors. Whether you are taking your first tentative steps towards writing, or are already having some success and earning money, we hope to have something of interest for you.

There are two main features we will highlight: Resources and Articles.

There are some article websites where you can earn money directly, such as Associated Content and Xomba. There are others that are basically article directories and your earnings are made indirectly by driving traffic to your own website or blog. Our resources will cover all these different platforms, from direct income generating sites to marketing and content creation.

Our articles will try to bring together the collective wisdom of the internet's writers. Just to show that those article directories can work, we will have a mixture of in-house articles and syndicated content with our comments. Even if we may disagree with a writer, their ideas may well work for you.

We hope you will find On Writing Online stimulating and profitable.

On Writing Online

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