26 Feb 2009

Articles Wanted on Dating Advice for Men and Women

Title:Urgent Article Request
Description:We need articles based around the following keyword phrases:

= how to be a sugardaddy
= internet dating vs modern dating
= dating your friends ex
= dating advice for women
= wealthy women dating
= rich men dating sites
= dating professional women
= online dating advice
= dating older men
= meet friends online
= meet rich men
= dating older women
= dating younger men
= new online dating sites
= best dating site
= dating site wealthy man
= new dating site
= wealthy dating sites
= how to meet women
= best online dating site
= dating single women
= date a millionaire

Each article must be at least 500 words in length and must contain 5 - 10%
density of a keyword phrase.

Each article must use only 1 keyword phase.

Up to $10 will be paid for each article.
Amount of articles:Around 15
Price per article:$10-20
Length of article:500 +

24 Feb 2009

Many Articles Wanted Today on CC - Education, Banking and Dog Breeds

Lots of writing jobs available today from Constant Content. If you're interest in any of the articles just click on the title and either login or signup for a new account.

Title: How to choose the right dog breed for families
Description:This should be in story format for 6 year old children. 500 words. MIx of fiction/non-fiction. I see a mother and daughter walking in neighborhood and they run into different breeds and discover which is right for their family because the little girl wants a dog.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:500

Title: Online Education
Description:look in 'subjects'
Amount of articles:up to 10
Price per article:$40-50
Length of article:250-400 words

Title: Education in the 21st Century
Description:Education in the 21st Century; how the internet has transformed education.
Amount of articles:3
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up to 600

Title: The Impact of the Recession on Your Education.
Description:The article should emphasize how this recession is giving more value to a higher education. 1- People with higher education usually have a more stable job/career. 2- Earn more money. 3. Education can make you more alert of what is going on in the economy and thus help you prepare for a decline.
People who do not have a degree can get their degree without leaving their current job, by enrolling in an online degree program.
Amount of articles:3
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up to 500

Title: What is Accreditation? and what it means for you.
Description:The article should discuss what University accreditation means and how universities are accredited.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up to 500

Title: How to Apply for Financial Aid
Description:1. The article should discuss how students can get financial aid for their university/college degree. 2- how many types of financial aid there are, such as 'PLUS loans, Stafford, Perkins, etc.
Amount of articles:2
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up tp 700

Title: Having your Employer pay for your tuition.
Description:The article should explain how can a student get his/her employer to pay for the college/university tuition. And give examples of companies that currently provide it.
Amount of articles:2
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up to 500

Title: What is a Scholarship? And how to apply?
Description:The article should explain 1- what is a scholarship, 2 how many types of scholarships. 3 how to apply for scholarships.
Amount of articles:2
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up to 600

Title: What is Diploma Mill and how to avoid them.
Description:There are numerous fake universities that offer degrees. The article needs to explain what are diploma mills how can students spot them.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up to 500

Title: How to Organize your Home Office for Online Learning
Description:How to stay organized and manage online learning. The title is self-explanatory.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$40-50
Length of article:up to 500

Title: How to Research Online?
Description:the article should explain how students can do research effectively for their online classes.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:up to 500

Title: How to manage your family without sacrificing your education..(or vice versa)
Description:Title is self explanatory.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$40-50
Length of article:up to 500

Title: Online Banking
Description:Online Banking Articles - see subjects.
Amount of articles:1 - 4
Price per article:$50-100
Length of article:400-800

19 Feb 2009

How to Really Find High Value Keywords

There are lots and lots of articles about the importance of keywords in search engine optimization (SEO) and plenty of articles about how to find them. Unsurprisingly, they all say the same thing. If you are hoping to make some money from Adsense advertising then the starting point is to use the Google keyword tool in Adwords. That will give you a long list of keywords closely related to your input keyword, with average search traffic and cost per click (CPC). However, one thing I haven't found is any advice on how to prioritize which keywords are the best earners.

For example, is a keyword worth $10 and with an average of 20,000 searches per month really worth more than a similar keyword worth just $2 a click but with 1.2 million searches? In terms of probability theory what is most important is the expectation value of each keyword. This is what I'm going to describe in this article and what I am going to call the Potential Earnings.

Using Google Adwords Keywords Tool

Firstly, a few small points so that you download the most accurate data. Login to your Adwords account. If you don't have one yet just create one and you can use the same login details across all Google tools. I know that Adwords is for advertisers rather than publishers but you are under no obligation to pay for adverts and the Keyword Tool is free to use. It used to be available without logging in but recently I was forced to create an account, hence assume this is now standard for everyone.

Before you input the keyword(s) to analyse just have a quick look at the 'Results are tailored to the following country' information. This usually defaults to the country in your account details. If you are creating an article or website aimed at a different country then change these details. If your article is aimed at a global audience then set the appropriate language and then the country as 'All Countries and Territories'.

Now input your keyword or keywords and click 'Get Keywords ideas'. You will get more results by having each keyword on a separate line rather than one keyword phrase, and I also keep the synonyms option on as one never knows whether similar words are actually more popular.

At this point you will have a long list of keywords, their Cost Per Click (CPC) rate and search data for the previous month and the current monthly average. You may, depending on your default setup have other data columns. Now, a lot of this is not all that useful for our purposes. Soon we will download a csv file and analyse the data in a spreadsheet, so there is no point downloading data that we are going to delete in the spreadsheet - best do it now.

If your target audience has a seasonal theme to it, such as Christmas or Valentine's Day then looking at the data for that particular month, say December or February, makes more sense than the average monthly search traffic. Otherwise, for evergreen content I think the monthly average traffic is the best indicator.

So, the only columns we really need are obviously the keywords themselves, the CPC and the monthly traffic. All the other columns can be deleted. At this point, just make sure the CPC rates are in your currency of choice. You can get a feel now for the most profitable keywords. By clicking the CPC heading you will see which are most expensive keywords in your topic area. Also, by clicking on the Search Volume heading you will see which are the most popular keyword combinations. As you can see, sometimes the most volume does not correspond to the highest CPC rate. We are now just two steps away from finding out which keywords are really worth money.

Analysing Your Keywords in a Spreadsheet

At the bottom of the keyword list are three links to download the data to your computer. I personally just download a generic csv file, which is a comma delimited text file and can be viewed in any spreadsheet package. If you only use Excel then there is an Excel csv option, but if you use any other package leave this alone as Excel adds some extra information to its files that are useless and will confuse other packages.

Now open up the csv file in your spreadsheet. What we are interested in doing here is basically to multiply the CPC rate by the search traffic. The method of doing this will depend on your package, but the basic formula is fairly generic. If you followed the above advice you should only have three columns, with the keywords in column A, CPC in column B and traffic volume in C. What we need is a fourth column with the formula =B2*C2 and then copy and paste this throughout all the rows of data. You now have a fourth column that you can label Potential Earnings.

As I intimated above, the Potential Earnings combines the CTC and traffic to give a more accurate picture of what the expected earnings are for particular keywords. Often there is a balance between high CTC and low volume compared to low CTC and higher volume. This calculation means you don't have to make these judgements - it is all in the numbers!

The last step is to sort your keywords with the highest PE at the top. Again, the precise method depends on your spreadsheet package, but usually just highlight all the data, look at the sort function, pick the PE column and sort in descending order.

Now you can really see which keywords are top of the heap!

Example Potential Earnings Calculation

One brief example to show that results can sometimes be surprising. I chose a less popular keyword as things like insurance and money have fairly clear and obvious top keywords. I tried the keyword 'keyword'!

The top 5 in terms of pure CPC were:
keyword ads
keyword bids
keyword advertising
keyword ppc
google keyword finder

However, the top 5 in terms of our Potential Earnings were:
keyword search
keyword tool
google keyword

As you can see, these are totally different to our first list. The sheer volume of search queries means that our PE is much higher for this second list than the first. Indeed, 'keyword ads', the highest earning CPC is way down in 62nd place in our top PE keywords because of very low traffic. The decision as to whether to focus on a high CPC low traffic niche is up to you, but now you have a tool to help you make that decision.

I hope this quick and simple method of calculating the true Potential Earnings of each keyword will help you focus on which websites or articles are worth spending time on.

(c) Rycharde Manne


Archived at Article Network

Make Money Blogging with payu2blog

Make Money Blogging

We have all types of bloggers in our network some have been earning money with their blogs for years, others have just started. It makes no difference to us how long you have been blogging. If your blog meets our requirements then you can make money blogging in our system and you can count on Payu2blog to deliver that consistent steady income from advertising on your blog.

Join payu2blog

To get started earning money with your blog fill out the online form at payu2blog. Make sure to include your contact information and blog address(s). If you qualify we will contact you by email. Blogs must be at least 90 days old and have regular posts during this period. Because of the volume of requests, you will receive a confirmation email only if you're blog is accepted.

It is not easy to see if your blog is in the right topic area for which advertisers are interested, but it only takes a few seconds to apply so worth trying your most commerical blogs first.

17 Feb 2009

Articles Wanted on Personal Coaching

Title:Article Writer on Personal Coaching
Description:I need a total of 100 articles on personal coaching. Each
article needs to be 500+ words. Payment will not be sent if the deadline
is not met, or if the article does not pass Copyscape. I will start a
writer off with 1 article to see if they can meet my standards. You must
be willing to send this article on spec. I might decline it and you won't
be paid. You are welcome to sell it elsewhere if it is declined. I can pay
$4 per article if the article is accepted. Payment would be made on the
27th of this month via PayPal.
Amount of articles:100
Price per article:$10-20 (says $4 above, best to verify)
Length of article:500+
Subjects:Personal Coaching

On the plus side the full information includes the 100 titles of the articles, so just pick the one you can do quickly.

Article Wanted on Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Title:Jobs for Work-Life Balance
Description:Article looking at the jobs available for the best possible
work - life balance.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$40-50
Length of article:500 - 1000
Subjects:work life balance, jobs, careers

Article Wanted on Top Companies for Graduates

Title:Top Companies for Graduates to Work for
Description:Looking for an article discussing the best companies for
graduates to work for, and why.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$40-50
Length of article:500-1000
Subjects:jobs, careers, graduates, students

Articles Wanted on Home Decor

Title:Many HOME DECOR Articles NEEDED!
Description:We are looking for someone to write articles about home decor
products that we offer. Each article must be approx. 300 words and we pay
$5 per article. Hundreds of articles are needed.
Amount of articles:100+
Price per article:$10-20
Length of article:300
Subjects:HOME DECOR - Bedding, Baby Bedding, Posters, Wall Art, Fabric,
Pillows, Blankets, etc.

Articles Wanted on Men's Fashion and Style

Title:Men's Fashion and Style Articles
Description:I am looking for content in the category of men's fashion and
style (clothes, accessories, news, blogs, cars, and lifestyle).
Amount of articles:20
Price per article:$20-30
Length of article:200 to 500 words
Subjects:Men's fashion and style Date requested:2009-02-16

16 Feb 2009

Qassia Change of Terms

  • As of February 8, 2009, we are only accepting previously unpublished, original material content. Material that appeared previously on your website, third-party content, or anything else previously published on the web is no longer being accepted. We have taken this measure to expediate the screening process.

    Please DO NOT mark material that is already on the web as "Unpublished Original" to get around the restriction, as this will result in the immediate termination of your account.

    Our apologies and thank you for your understanding.

  • We have been banning an average of a dozen users a day since February 8 for posting regurgitated material. We ONLY accept virgin material now, and you WILL be banned for life WITHOUT QUESTION and WITHOUT WARNING if you post something that has previously appeared elsewhere on the web and label it as "Unpublished Original" content.

The above is a recent message posted on Qassia. So it seems they now only accept original content. I don't know why that should be as before one could post either original or copied content, so long as one held the copyright. I suspect people were abusing the system. Although both types of article would earn the same in revenue sharing terms they did earn different amounts of Qassia Dollars. These QD did not turn into real money but are a way to reward the most active users and the best voted content. So if people were posting as original material stuff that wasn't then they would potentially earn more QDs and hence gain more exposure. This is just my feeling about this.

However, this now changes the viability of posting at Qassia. On the positive side it is a worthwhile attempt to have original content, but I must say that given my paltry earnings at Qassia - even with a very highly rated piece - I personally am reluctant to spend the time writing original material. However, different topics seem to do well on different sites. One important thing is that:

You may publish content with us that you intend to republish elsewhere later on. Please wait until the intel has been screened and published on Qassia prior to re-publishing it on another website.

It often takes 2 or 3 days to get an article screened, so it means waiting for that length of time then being able to post it on other websites, including your own. The screening process on Qassia means that 12 people have to review and vote on an article before it is officially published and starts earning revenue. No adverts are shown on the article page while it is being screened. On the one hand this is a good way to self-monitor the site content and avoid spam and complete junk. On the other hand I'm sure it affects earnings.

Another website that demands original content is suite101. In their case each article is monitored by a team of paid editors and, after a trial period, the default setting is that articles are published immediately - and start earning immediately. Suite101 pays 50% of advertising earnings compared to Qassia's 100% of revenue on advertising on your article pages. As always, you'll need to experiment and make a choice.

13 Feb 2009

Article Wanted on America's Economy

Title:America's Economy: Dead or Alive
Description:A picture of how our economy is performing. How many jobs have
been lost in the last 5 years? Last Year? Current state? Are the jobs lost
primarily in the non-degree sectors or people with college degrees and
above? Any real numbers would be great. America borrows a lot of money
from other countries, who do we owe and how much? Is there a plan to ever
really pay the money back? Does this stimulus package help in anyway? What
do economists think about our future economy?
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$40-50
Length of article:300-500

Article Wanted on Obama's New Cabinet

Title: What is Obama's Cabinet Working On?
Description:An investigation on what Obama's cabinet members are working
on. Special projects? Key goals for 2009?
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$20-30
Length of article:300-500
Subjects:President Obama's Cabinet members

Article Wanted on iTunes software

Title: Description of iTunes software and its major functions.
Description:I am looking for a short, informational article on iTunes
software. Essentially, 1-2 paragraphs explaining the purpose and major
functions/features of iTunes. It should be directed towards the average
user and it should also highlight any major changes or features that have
been added throughout its history (including the specific version release
that included these additions). Finally, if there are any important
technical issues that someone downloading an older version should be aware
of, please include them.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$20-30
Length of article:200-400
Subjects:iTunes Software

Sales Marketing Web Copy Wanted

Title: Seeking Sales/Marketing Web Copy - Full rights price
Description:I have some marketing material that I need to have transformed
into web copy. Looking for direct response type copy that creates

I have three documents of sales/marketing copy @ about 3,000 words each
but the outcome will depend on what it takes to get effectively the
message across.

The readers of this copy are Managers, Directors and VP's of Sales
organizations so it must be compelling and direct.
Amount of articles:1 to start with more to come to the right person
Price per article:$250+
Length of article:3000

WinAmp article wanted at CC

WinAmp Description article
Description:I am looking for an article on WinAmp software. This article should be a few informational/descriptive paragraphs about what the software is/does, major features, distinguishing features, publisher info, and important changes over the years (including reference to any major version releases). It should also highlight (if possible) notable or popular versions and why. Finally, if there are any 'forced upgrade' issues or older version support issues, that should be mentioned as well. Please keep it simple and to the point, easy to read and objective.
Amount of articles:1
Price per article:$20-30
Length of article:200-400

11 Feb 2009

How to Gain Momentum from Social Media Websites

How many times have we seen articles climb up the social bookmarking ladders and wonder... Why? How often do your best-written most-researched articles just sit there earning crumbs and then something you've knocked up in no time rockets to success? Well, the internet seems to run on momentum. This is not so very different to what I wrote on getting published – do the hard work, be prepared and push that momentum when it happens.

Hot Stories

Perhaps the easiest way to generate momentum is to pitch yourself in the slipstream of a news story that is already hot. It is very easy to quickly bookmark these stories on places like Xomba and Infopirate and earn a bit of money in the process. But to really grab other people's attentions you'll need to do some quick research and create a value-added article. This could be a comparison with competing products or a brief historical overview to put the news story into context.

When there was much talk about LIBOR interests rates I wrote a piece explaining in layman's terms precisely how LIBOR is calculated and the inherent flaws in it. The article continues to get steady views even today.

Popular Sources of Stories

Look closely at the most popular stories on a particular social bookmarking site and see which websites the stories originate from. You will quickly realize that some news sources have a loyal following of social media users. If you're lucky enough to bookmark an article first then you can go away and write your article as mentioned above in the near-certain knowledge that it will be voted up. You will then have extra kudos when you come to promote your follow-up article.

For example, Yahoo Buzz is filled with stories from Yahoo News, so don't bother trying to Buzz up the same story from another site – join the herd and you'll get noticed. And if your follow-up article is based on a piece on Yahoo then this is where to promote it.

Focus Your Efforts

There are over 1000 social media websites on the internet. You need to find the ones that seem to work best in your particular topic area. The previous section will give you a very good idea. Some news sources have also decided to focus on maybe just half a dozen bookmarking sites. Don't try and be clever to bookmark a site on a different social media site and expect it to succeed. It is worth experimenting but keep those speculative tasks to one at a time and see what works and what doesn't. As I said near the top, sites like Xomba and Infopirate are not yet considered in the top rank but the huge advantage there is that you're already earning money on your bookmark before you've even written the article!

For example, I tend to use StumbleUpon for my science and religion stories rather than Digg. StumbleUpon has a religion category and various related groups whereas Digg has no such category and similar articles are scattered across the site, often ending up in Arts & Culture. Why waste my time Digging when I can Stumble more easily!

Creating Your Own Momentum

For the lone online writer this is the hardest to achieve. It could potentially be very lucrative but it needs some careful planning. You can Buzz and Digg and bookmark your own articles on pretty much all the social bookmarking sites and then hope for the best. Luck happens! You need to try and that's fine but how would you plan such a promotion? Without a ready-made receptive and cultivated following your efforts could look like spamming. Sure, tweet your followers, message the groups you belong to and maybe post the story on some forums. Just be careful your story doesn't get buried just because your efforts at generating traffic look... manufactured. By far the best source is the readers you have following you on your blog or writing website. Encourage them to vote.

Buying Success

There are now website services that can generate the momentum you need to make a huge social splash. They are not free and it is probably the worst thing to do. As I said above, the algorithms used to calculate a news item's success are usually a well-kept secret as social bookmarking sites attempt to keep their listings as free of spam and artificial hype as possible. Getting caught once will result in your being banned from that site immediately. Not exactly what you paid for is it!

Overall, use the skills you have to your advantage. Whichever websites you write on will have a better search engine placement than your personal blog. Use that muscle rather than dreaming of the big break-through. Cultivate your readers, ride the trends with new insights and slowly build up that blog. One day the hoards will be at the gates and if your blog has more than one article worth reading then you're a star!

10 Feb 2009

20 Airport Lounge Articles Wanted at CC

Subject: New Public Request for CC Community: 20 Airport Lounge Articles

Title:20 Airport Lounge Articles
Description:Please read this brief in full as we need specific content,
don't just write about the subjects given on your own. There are details
we need included. Writers that follow what we are after will get a LOT of
work over this coming month.

We are looking for quite factual writers on this project as the topics for
the requested content have to be accurate. This will mean researching the
desired page topics, all of which can be found at the following
websites: see Constant Content

Amount of articles:20
Price per article:$30-40
Length of article:300 - 400

Join Constant Content for full details and the ability to submit articles.

Get Paid Being a Citizen Journalist at Digital Journal

First up, the fun stuff anyone can do: Every member of DigitalJournal.com (Citizens and Citizen Journalists) can post blogs, upload photos, join Groups, comment and vote on articles and photos, and subscribe to news and alerts. These actions can be done by anyone.

However, we also offer everyone the chance to get paid to report news as a Citizen Journalist. At this time, we’re only offering payment for news articles written by Citizen Journalists so the blogs, images, Groups and other activities are meant to build community (they’re unpaid).

In a totally unique revenue-sharing initiative, DigitalJournal.com is the first online community where Citizen Journalists actually get paid for contributing. Unlike most websites where bloggers post for free (and the company takes in all the ad revenue), DigitalJournal.com shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all Citizen Journalists through what we call our “moneypot.” With an always-growing cash pool, every single Citizen Journalist gets a chance to compete for a share of the moneypot. The more you contribute, the more you earn. Scores are determined based on how many articles you contribute and how high they rank.

At the beginning of the month, all accounts that exceed $10 will receive an email notification on how to collect payment via PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, you will be sent a prompt to create one). All earnings are in U.S. dollars.

In order to become a paid Citizen Journalist, you must submit a sample of writing. Create an account on the site then click the “Post News” link in the top orange bar and you will be prompted to submit a short bio and sample of writing. Note: You’ll only have to do this once – as soon as you are approved you can post news as often as you like.

9 Feb 2009


Welcome to the online text analysis tool, the detailed statistics of your text, perfect for translators (quoting), for webmasters (ranking) or for normal users, to know the subject of a text. Now with new features as the anlysis of words groups, finding out the keyword density, analyse the prominence of word or expressions. Webmasters can analyse the links on their pages.


A simple and fast keyword analysis tool. Does what it says it does without too many frills in website design. Very useful in adding those few extra words to boost keyword density of your articles.

Go to Textalyser.

2 Feb 2009

Initial Thoughts on Writing at Squidoo

I only recently signed up to Squidoo. It is, after all, one of the top sites for online writers in terms of traffic, but then again, one can't do everything simultaneously - multi-tasking can well turn into over-extension. But with articles to re-cycle I thought it time to sign up.

What at Xomba are called Xombytes, and Hubpages are Hubs, at Squidoo they are called Lenses. A Lens is just a webpage. Like Hubpages, apart from your text there is a wide range of other modules such as polls and advertising units. Earnings at Squidoo are calculated by their admin so there is no immediate earnings such as having your Adsense code on Xomba. They do, however, update our earnings on a daily basis. For many people the upside of this is that they don't personally have to sign up to affiliate schemes such as Amazon and eBay, or even Commission Junction. You can just focus all your attention on creating the best possible Lens.

Because of the huge flexibility in Lenses I see that many of the most popular ones are regularly updated with new links, images or extra notes. Rather than creating 10 articles on "Make Money Writing Online" it seems that writing just one Lens and putting everything into it appears to be more popular. Perhaps there is a good reason why this style of presentation works on Squidoo, and this is also one feature I find baffling.

How does anybody find your Lens? The Squidoo homepage has nothing of interest on it and is an eyesore. There appears to be nowhere to go apart from clicking the least pointless article title or looking down at their informational links. The only other option is to do a search. This indeed seems to be the only way of navigating Squidoo; either by searching or by clicking tags. All the category or tag pages rank the articles with the most popular one at the top. There is an option to list the most recently updated but on first impression that isn't the same as being just published. There is nowhere a page showing the most recent articles! Nowhere! Strange.

But now it makes sense as to why people create these mega-pages. The only way to get readers is to search for a bunch of "friends" or groups who might be interested in your article and build repeat business by updating it. Unless you pick a category with few articles you're going to be seeing yours stuck down in the nether region of #100,000. If you like the idea of creating a few mega-articles then go ahead but, in contrast to other sites like Xomba or suite101 I don't see too much search engine traffic as yet.

One thing that may explain its high visitor traffic is that they do allow articles on adult topics - always a winner! As they are not wholly dependent on Adsense they can adjust their advertisers to fit the categories. So the second reason to join Squidoo is if you're into writing adult material - or reading it!

I will see how things develop with Squidoo but the one lesson is that there are no quick bucks to be made there.