4 Mar 2009

Make Money Writing at Bukisa

Bukisa is a fairly new revenue sharing article directory and social networking website.

For Writers

Bukisa accepts articles in many categories and they prefer informative pieces, how-to guides, educational instructions although they do accept creative writing such as prose or poetry. In spite of the social side of the site there does not seem to be a drive towards opinion pieces or commentaries.

Bukisa does accept previously published material so long as you can prove that you have the copyright to the material. The easiest way is to sign up to Bukisa using the same username as elsewhere, especially if you are copying from your own blogs.

Other Content

Apart from articles Bukisa also accepts videos, slides or presentations as pdf files as well as audio files. As for articles, these have to be the copyright of the account holder.

Making Money Writing

Bukisa pays out a fixed amount per 1000 unique page views of your articles. This so-called Bukisa Index currently stands at $3.72, so you will be earning $3.72 per 1,000 unique views. Although this is much higher than, say, Associated Content's miserly $1.50 per 1,000 note that on Bukisa multiple visits by the same reader will only count as a single unique visitor. As writing sites like Bukisa and AC and Xomba all seem to average about 2 page views per visit perhaps the real earning potential is about par. Note that the Bukisa Index will fluctuate depending on the website's overall earnings and is adjusted on a monthly basis. Minimum payout is just $10 based on accrued earnings calculated at the end of the month and paid within 15 days of the next month by Paypal.

However, as Bukisa is fairly young there is plenty of room to grow and as they have a referral system that is a second way to improve earnings by promoting your Bukisa writing.

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