7 Mar 2009

First Payment from Writing at Suite101

One writing website that seems to get little attention in the plethora of "Make Money Writing at X" articles is suite101. No doubt this is due to their lack of a referral system and therefore little incentive to promote them beyond links to one's own articles. But this On Writing Online blog is about making money for writers, not always about making money from writers! So it is worth taking another look at suite101, especially as I just got paid by them!

Firstly, the payment wasn't astronomical, but I did manage to edge past their minimum $10 payout. The thing is, I had stopped writing there for a couple of months as I was moving around and had other things to do. But when I came back to looking how my writing was doing on various sites, that's when suite101 was a pleasant surprise. In contrast to the pathetic cents accumulated at Associated Content and Hubpages my suite101 account was just a couple of dollars short of a payout. Even without an affiliate system the articles on their own do seem to get the views and the clicks to make writing profitable.

I have thus returned to writing regularly for suite101 and hope the second payment will not be too long in coming. The one thing about writing at suite101 is that they have very strict rules about how articles should be written. They also demand one-year exclusive rights to your articles so that you can only copy them elsewhere after a year from their first publication. On the plus side, this means there are no cut-and-paste articles and the quality of writing is overall good (if sadly unemotional and bland). There is also an increase in profits by becoming a Feature Writer for a category. Indeed, there are still many topic categories that seem under-represented by writers so, if your writing is good, it is relatively straightforward to be elevated to Feature Writer status.

Overall, suite101 demands a little more work than some other writing websites but the rewards seem to be commensurate. From the still fairly small sample of my own articles I can say that earnings there are about 20 times higher than at AC and HP combined!

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  1. I'm thinking about writing for Suite 101. Not so much for the payment but the experience and the discipline of having deadlines. I wrote for them before but didn't like how they were running adsense over our articles, making the articles appear below the fold. That was before there was any money being paid to the writers too.


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