9 Mar 2009

Make Money Writing at Triond

From Triond's How it Works:

Using Triond is easy:

1. You create original and unique content in any format.
2. We publish your content on the most relevant website according to its topic.
3. You get more recognition and more readership while building a portfolio and earning revenue.

It's simple; you create, we publish, you earn.

Creating Your Content

Whether you write, photograph, record or compose, you can submit your creation to Triond. We accept all original content on any topic, including written articles, pictures, audio, and video. No matter how you created it, we can publish it.

Get Published Online

Once your content is submitted and approved, we will publish it on a website within our publishing network that best suits your topic and target audience. Our network includes niche websites with topics ranging from poetry and literature, to business, sports, travel, health and wellness, and many more.

Triond helps showcase your content so your work gets maximum readership and you earn recognition. As soon as your content is published, it begins generating revenue from several income sources, such as display and contextual advertising that appears on the pages of your content. We share with you 50% of the revenue generated by your content.

Payments are made monthly on the 15th of the month for earnings you have accumulated up until the end of the previous month. You can receive your payment by PayPal, check or Western Union money transfer.

Note that Triond does not have a referral or affiliate system and, looking at their help section, have no plans to do so.

Triond's Websites

One strange thing is that it seems relatively difficult to discover which websites Triond owns and to which it posts your articles. I finally found a list on the Triond official blog, so here it is:

Worth just checking the website you think your writing fits into best as you will also get a feel for which categories exist within each site. Some of the names are less than obvious so have added a brief description above.

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