15 Jan 2009

Writing at thisisby.us for Revenue Shared Earnings

What is thisisby.us?

thisisby.us is a site where anyone can contribute anything they write -- news, opinions, how-tos, humor, politics, technology -- anything at all. Rather than having an editor decide which content is the most interesting and most relevant, the readers decide which pieces are most prominently featured and highly rewarded by viewing content which piques their interest and voting for content they enjoy. Our ultimate goal is to be an excellent source of user-created written content.


Revenue share is calculated based on 50% of the total income received by thsisby.us. They then distribute this to writers in proportion to the traffic and positive votes they have received for their articles. This means writers cannot check earnings on a daily basis.

Sadly, and seemingly like so many other sites, thisisby.us is only useful to people in the USA. If your accrued earnings come to over $25 then you will receive a cheque in US Dollars. This means you need to be able to deposit the cheque cheaply as it is pointless spending more on banking charges than the income is worth. For those of you in the USA this may be another place to copy your existing content.

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