19 Jan 2009

Read Me Buzz Me Digg Me Love Me

The day is young and filled with the aroma of coffee. The screen blinks on and opens a window onto the world. Check emails – delete most of them, read the rest later. Oh! There's one from a friend. New photos on blog to behold. I have three half-finished articles I should really have a look at as they sit there like unfinished sandwiches waiting to be wasted. But let me see what's new, what's news. A row of tabs line up to form my little universe. News feeds, blog feeds, video feeds. Read me, watch me, look what I've made mummy. Stock markets down, death tolls up, buzz me, save me, bookmark this to tell the world. Hello! Be my friend. Digg it, dugg it, dig me too. What's hot, what's not, seems random, chaotic. I mean, something has to be at the top of the rubble. Scroll, scroll, click, click, scroll. More windows spying on a granulated world. A grain of sand or a pearl of wisdom. Read it, comment it, save it, buzz it, digg it, mix it, max it. Shout it out, shout to me. Be my friend. Follow the links, trying to reach the source, but links upon links just go round in a circle. What's hot and what's rot. The clamour to be seen. Be my friend. Read me, buzz me, digg me, love me. Click me, tick me, come see my pics of me. Naked and distant I just want your money. Adsense with nonsense as keywords collide. Going back to the source I save my sources. The truth doesn't matter, it's the prizes that count. Round two, going back to the feeds that feed me. Titles with hooks to sucker the sick. Myspace is your space with no room to move. Tweets and twats invading my screen space. Look at me, look what I've done. My tube is your tube, I parade for the crowd. I stumble and fall and go back to the source. The digging continues, I'm almost there now. Digg this, bury that, shout it out that I wanna be a star. What's hot and what's crock. Read me, digg me, buzz me, feed me. I've done it, I'm there, close the curtains, close the crap. Stop the surfing, for a while. Write my own piece to join the crowd. Read me, buzz me, digg me, love me.

Do you love me?

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