15 Jan 2009

100% Revenue Share Writing at Flixya

Flixya started life as a video bookmarking and sharing website. It now includes photos and blogs as well as videos. The startling thing about Flixya is that it pays out 100% of the Adsense revenue generated on the pages you yourself have created. How do they do this?

Well, I managed to track down a Flixya Case Study from Google that explains this. Because of the number of pages not created by one author - I guess things like blog lists - they are still able to turn a profit on clicks from their own adverts and still pay members 100%. I think this really raises the bar for other social networking sites. When will Facebook start paying its users?! However, one word of caution is that I have also seen a couple of people run into problems visiting their own pages as the Adsense adverts will be their own. I don't know if Flixya has fixed this but until I use the site more I'd be cautious about visiting one's own pages too often.

For writers the obvious place to head for is the blogs section. All your articles will be listed as part of your blog and there are the usual features of comments and voting. I haven't as yet had a chance to explore everything fully so will report back in a month or two.

One strange thing I noticed when looking at Flixya's Alexa traffic is that there has been a dramatic rise during December 2008 followed by a precipitous fall! It looks like they implemented some sort of automated service that seems to have back-fired so that they then had to place some limits on activity. Their admin blog seems strangely silent on this matter but a few blog comments talk of rule changes late December.

So although writing is not its primary focus, writing at Flixya, or at least copying some of your other content, could be profitable.

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