12 Jan 2009

CopyDesk agency for professional writers

"CopyDesk, Inc., is the outsourcing and placement agency dedicated to providing businesses with professional writers. Only writers. We do what we know best; our recruiters are writers themselves. So we know the difference between someone who can write and someone who can write.

If you want a subjective opinion of a writer's talent, ask the writer's mother. If you want an objective opinion, ask another writer. In other words, ask CopyDesk. Ask often."

The site continues in this punchy style. If you don't know what you're doing then don't bother them! However, if you're an experienced writer, with five years experience, a portfolio of work and the desire (or need) for either freelance or full-time work then take a look.

If you've already been frightened away then just take a read of their article on Content Careers in the Digital Age. It may, indeed, be possible to move in the opposite direction - from web to print media - with effort and talent. Talent? We've all got that, surely!

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